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Imagine a world where heart-centered, soul-driven women are leading…in business + in life

That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

Hi, I’m Vanessa Velez, the Bronx kid turned corporate maven turned conscious entrepreneur + the Founder of Clarity is Crucial.

Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, I led a lucrative career as a leader, trainer + professional problem-solver at a Fortune 500…

A path that would be forever altered the day I resigned + dove all in to my purpose.

Since then, I’ve worked with women 1-on-1 in person + online, hosted group workshops + events, taught live online classes, and created my own products + programs – from free offerings to my own signature 6-week experience.

All with one aim…to help high-vibe, high-achieving women unleash their brilliance + become the unique leaders they’re truly meant to be.

Why it matters…

When you give a brilliant woman the personal attention, support + feedback to overcome her biggest challenges, she becomes unstoppable.

And that means more conscious women out there – sharing their gifts, making an income + making an impact.

Are you one of them?

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Get the secret to creating a great name for your offering

An exceptional name for your offering…do you have one yet? A unique, signature name worded in a way that connects with the hearts + minds of your perfect clients? Get the secret to creating a great name + time-saving templates.


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Move that next project forward with more focus + less burnout

Together, in this 90-minute session, we’ll lay out the steps to help birth your next project into reality AND create a customized plan to help you get there – with more focus + less burnout, more clarity + less doubt.


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Stop hiding your brilliance + get serious about your business

In this private 3-hour workshop, we work together to structure the content + flow for your first, or next paid offering. Using our 7 E’s to Creating Exceptional Offerings, we’ll help take you from idea to implementation.


Tell Me More…

“Vanessa has the tools to turn doubt into worthiness allowing you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

“My biggest fear was committing to work with you. To say to myself I have a dream and I think it’s possible and I need a coach.

Working with you showed me the many blocks standing in my way, but also that I wasn’t as far off as I imagined. You were my compass and my check point.

If you’re truly ready to move forward with a project Vanessa needs to be your first team pick, otherwise you’ll get lost.”

Angela Blair – Virginia, USA


…jump on a private 30-minute video chat with Vanessa

…get a deeper understanding of what’s really holding you back

…and the next steps you can take to conquer that

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3 Things NOT To Do When You Want to Boost Your Productivity

Being more productive does not mean sacrificing your sanity or your soul. In fact, I'd argue that being more productive + working on what truly matters most for your business + that BIG vision you have for your life will bring you more peace. Because rather than feeling busy + depleted, you're feeling focused + on purpose. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you feel fulfilled. So if you're ready to take yourself + your productivity to that next level, here are three mistakes to avoid... 3 Things NOT To Do When You Want to Boost Your Productivity Do not get lazy about your nutrition. [...]

5 Tips to Create a Successful + Irresistible Retreat for Your Soul-Fueled Business

We're so much stronger when we stand together + I always knew that Clarity is Crucial was meant to grow beyond me. I'm excited to announce that this month (+ every month), we'll be featuring one brilliant woman entrepreneur who's got some unique high-vibe magic to help you go even further on your journey. This month we're featuring the fabulous Sarah McKeon - an intuitive mother + tropical homesteader living a magical filled life all the way in Costa Rica. She's also a Holistic Health Coach + one of the hosts at souladventureretreat.com. Without further ado, here's Sarah's... --- Would you like to [...]

5 Simple Q’s to Boost Your Productivity Each Week

Did you accomplish everything you set out to in January? If you did, then celebrate! And if you didn't, then... Give yourself permission to grow + decide right now that February can be better. January was a powerhouse kind of month for me. I got to complete two major projects + I wrote about 10,000 words for a book I've been feeling pulled to create. And that's not including my blog posts, social media posts, email campaigns + all of the journaling I already do. Lots got done. But that wasn't always my story + I know how draining it can feel when [...]

What It Really Means To Be A Leader

Leadership is being willing to go first + look foolish, if it means that your courage will help clear the path for others. True leadership is placing service over ego. It's using your voice, speaking your truth + living your message. It's doing the right thing, even when the right thing is the hard thing. It's believing in others + believing in yourself, even when that's the hardest thing. It's about honoring your struggle + honoring your successes along the way. Leadership is not about perfection, it's about progress + growth. It's about challenging those around you to rise up with you, because [...]

Rise Above Anxiety with this Simple + Proven Technique

How can you deal with anxiety when it pops up? That's a question a lot of the women I've worked with ask. But before I can answer, it's often important to understand where the anxiety is coming from first... Often times, it's rooted in trauma from childhood. Other times, it's a feeling of being overwhelmed with life. In all cases, it's a reminder to wake up + get present. Why? Feelings of anxiety are almost always rooted in the past. Even when we think it's anxiety about some unknown future, what's usually happening under the surface is a feeling of inadequacy rooted in [...]

10 Quick Q’s to Get You Clear Before the New Year

Reflection is necessary for real growth. And it’s so easy to get caught up in the doing of things, that we often forget to take time to honor how far we’ve already come + get clear on how we can do better going forward... When you give yourself these moments of clarity, your focus grows. And that’s what you want going into the new year. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time. The less time you spend on these questions the better. Because your truth doesn't come from overthinking... You know your truth by the way it feels - it lights [...]

7 Creative Ways to Raise Your Focus + Finish 2017 Strong

Are you any closer to the life of your dreams than you were a year ago? I hope so! And if not, then we need to talk asap... If you're reading this, I know something about you. You've got BIG dreams + this deep pull inside you telling you there's more out there for you. And it's right. More is absolutely possible for you. And right now, I'm challenging you to rise up to meet it. Because I know you've still got more in you + the year isn't over yet. You've still got time to live 2017 with more meaning, more impact [...]

Alignment + Hustle…Why You Need Both

What if alignment is our natural state of being? I believe that it is. And it's why we feel so unhappy, unwell + unfulfilled when we're not living in alignment. It's why our souls feel sadness + frustration whenever something knocks us off our path, or even takes us slightly off track. Alignment is the name of the game. But I don't believe that alignment alone is enough...we need the hustle too. Alignment is the yin. It's your inner compass, you feel it in your body, you feel it in your gut. It's instinctual + internal. Hustle is the yang. It's your plan, your [...]

3 Ways to Boost Your Focus + Get More Done in Less Time

Tired of putting yourself + your dreams last? Life can be so full - family, friends, health, work, finances, love, chores + errands - it's easy + usually encouraged for women to put themselves last on their own lists. And while it's great to be a giver, you can't truly give at your best if you're feeling unfulfilled. That's why your dreams matter, moving toward them helps you show up as a better, happier + more fulfilled you. So where's the middle ground between doing work you love + still being fully present for the ones you love? It's in getting laser-focused in the [...]

How Women + Money Change the World

Women around the world are waking up with a burning desire to change shit, to contribute in unique + powerful ways, and to create a life of true freedom + joy in the process. Are you one of them? As women, we're making more money, starting more businesses + making the majority buying decisions. Here's proof... Women are making more money than ever before. According to the Wall Street Journal, by the year 2030 women could control up to 2/3 of our nation's wealth. That's a lot of power. Women are starting their own businesses at an unprecedented rate. The Huffington Post reported that [...]

Are You Ready for More?

How much has changed for you in the past year? A whole lot, I bet. And if not, then we need to talk asap.... In the past year, I got to lead a mastermind group, switched up my business model, launched a new website, hit the 1300+ mark on Instagram organically (meaning without buying followers), collaborated with several female entrepreneurs, experts + leaders who were ready to take things to the next level, popped my video cherry on IG Stories, started a podcast on Anchor.fm, rolled out 3 new offerings for my tribe of badass babes, beta-tested a new course I'm rolling out to [...]

How Your Cycle Can Boost Your Decision-Making

Your mood, your hormones, your appetite, your sexual desire, your energy levels, your family size, your ability to think clearly... Your cycle affects so many areas of your life, it'd be naive to think that it doesn't affect how we show up in business as women. In particular, your ability to make big decisions + intuit things. I saw this first-hand last month, when my immediate family + several relatives living throughout the city were all ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. Imagine having to leave your home in less than 24 hours, animals + all, not knowing if it'll be there when [...]

3 Keys to Being in the Flow + Getting in the Zone

Being in the flow + getting in the zone...what are the keys to making it happen + how do you get there? The term being in the flow was first coined by Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in the 80s. He used it to describe that state that artists go into when they completely lose themselves in their work. In an interview, here's how he described it, "The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you're using your skills to the utmost." When it comes to doing [...]

How Do You Stay Positive When Shit is Hitting the Fan?

Imagine planning a launch for two months + then having a mandatory evacuation issued in your area on the same damn day... Haha, very funny universe. People wonder how I stay so positive when shit is hitting the fan. The answer might surprise you. It's because I've learned to anticipate everything that can go wrong, every challenge that might pop up along the way + plan for it. Meaning, even for this whole evacuation (for Hurricane Irma), I sat down + plotted all the shit I thought could go wrong as we drove out of Florida. And I visualized how I would handle it. [...]

6 Ways to Look More Confident During Your Next Big Talk

What's the scariest/most exciting thing you've done in the past week to help move your business forward? For me, it was co-hosting a live video event with three other soulpreneurs + giving a short talk about my work. The second scariest thing I've done in the past week? Watch that 'live' video + gently critique my performance, so that I can keep getting better. It's no secret that public speaking, whether it's on stage or on camera, can bring up a lot of fears. I felt them all. Putting yourself out there is part of the deal as an entrepreneur. That fact doesn't make [...]

7 Areas of Your Business + What to Focus on First

Imagine making your first $1,000 as an entrepreneur...without a website, without a social media following, without all the cool things you think you need to have first... That's how I got my start years ago. So how did I do it? I'll tell you in a bit. First, let's break down the 7 main areas of your business... Blog/Vlog Email Events Offerings Partners Social Media Website Your big-picture goal is to have all of these pieces up + running. Easier said than done, I know. It can take a couple of years to get all of this streamlined + in place, so don't get [...]

Feel Like Quitting? Do This Instead

Don’t let the smile fool you. The soreness I feel in my legs in this photo is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. If you’re like me, you’re always growing + evolving in some way. My latest physical challenge here? Barefoot beach sprints. The sand at my feet, the sun on my back, the ocean view while I run at full speed. Have you ever run on sand? It’s a lot tougher than running on concrete. I’m halfway through my last set. I can see my mark, I just have to keep moving. But then, that voice pops into my head… Just quit, she [...]

5 Steps to Making Smart Habits Stick

Smart habits don’t just happen...because if they did, everyone would have them. The thing is, if you really want to change your life, then you have to change what you do daily. That’s why habits are so important, because they shape your life. From eating well, working out regularly, being consistently productive in my business, to a daily mindfulness practice that I’ve stuck to for over three and a half years – I’ve cracked the code to making smart habits stick. And I’m sharing the goods with you. Because having smart habits – habits that feed your productivity, your focus + your soul – [...]

What Happens to You Socially When You Become an Entrepreneur

No one prepares you for what's going to happen to you socially when you become an entrepreneur. I'm not going to do that to you...I'm here to give it to you real. None of the business programs or trainings that I've taken + invested in over the years have ever addressed those social challenges, like... those feelings of isolation of friends not getting it of family not supporting it and how your growth on this path will change your inner circle [You can read more about that here: Stepping Up Your Game? Who You Want in Your Inner Circle (+ Who You Don't)] or [...]

3 Ways to Overcome Fear of Rejection + Share Your Work with the World

Overcoming that fear of rejection when you're putting your work out into the world... It's one of the biggest challenges I see women facing when it comes to showing up more fully + serving their tribe. There's nothing wrong with you if you feel that fear, but there are things you can do to flip it + make it work for you. Here are 3 creative ways to help you overcome that fear of rejection... Take small, creative risks. Taking small, safer risks can help you build the resilience + confidence to take those bigger risks down the road. Do this for five days [...]

Freedom Versus Perfection

Do you ever feel like you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or healed enough? Do you ever secretly think that you don’t deserve the things you really want in your life? Does it feel like I just crawled in your head + read your mind? That’s because I kind of did, but in a totally non-creepy way. What I’ve really done is worked with enough heart-centered, soul-driven, high-achieving women to know that this is an issue across the board. You are not alone. And, hello, recovering perfectionist here! I know what it’s like to criticize, nitpick + obsess over every single detail of your [...]

Stepping Up Your Game? Who You Want in Your Inner Circle (+ Who You Don’t)

It's no secret that the people you surround yourself with have a direct effect on your life + how well you live it. And sometimes your inner circle needs to decrease in size, so that it can increase in value. Reflecting on my past, I've seen this very thing happen whenever I'm in the middle of leveling up - whether it's in my business or in my personal life. As much as it may hurt, some people do not want to see you change. It brings up all kinds of shit in themselves - jealousy, envy, criticism, judgement, regret. But most of all, what [...]

6 Things Every Soulpreneur Needs to Know First

Congratulations, you’ve made the brave decision to become an entrepreneur + do it with soul… Now what? Where do you start? What do you focus on? What matters most? Here are 6 things you need to know first… You need a strategic plan, so that you know where to focus your time + energy to help grow your business + your profits faster. I can help. You need to know who you are + how you move through the world. I highly recommend taking a personality test, so that you can build your business in a way that plays up your strengths + keeps [...]

Balancing the Masculine + Feminine in Business

We're at a tipping point... More + more women are going into business for themselves. And many, like me, spent years working in male-dominated fields + patriarchal structures. I believe it's the woman who can learn to balance both these energies - masculine + feminine, who will ultimately succeed in making the impact + income she truly desires to make. Why? Because patriarchal models of business are outdated.  Especially in a world that's gravitating towards more + more connection on a global scale. These old ways of doing business are focused... on the individual, rather than whole on hierarchy, rather than collaboration and can [...]