We’re at a tipping point…

More + more women are going into business for themselves. And many, like me, spent years working in male-dominated fields + patriarchal structures.

I believe it’s the woman who can learn to balance both these energies – masculine + feminine, who will ultimately succeed in making the impact + income she truly desires to make.

Why? Because patriarchal models of business are outdated.  Especially in a world that’s gravitating towards more + more connection on a global scale.

These old ways of doing business are focused…

  • on the individual, rather than whole
  • on hierarchy, rather than collaboration
  • and can be militant + rigid, rather than creative + flexible

To dive in even deeper, here are a few examples of masculine + feminine energies/qualities. And how they could play out in your business…


  • assertiveness, speaking up for yourself + voicing your strong opinions
  • getting shit done, taking physical action + moving forward
  • enjoys structures – think of the military, in any given moment on any day, they know exactly what’s next in their routine – solid structures help ensure that everything gets done


  • receptive, intuitive + great at listening (which makes for great leaders)
  • provocative + alluring, which is a great quality to have when it comes to attracting your right clients
  • inclusive + collaborative, the feminine wants to raise others up – consider this part of the nurturing expression of the feminine

When it comes to business, where on the spectrum do you lie?

Are you more comfortable in your masculine energy, or in your feminine energy?

Be honest with yourself.

This has nothing to do with physical gender, or even your sexual preference – this about the frequency that you learned to vibe at easily.

And it’s gotten you this far, so it’s important to acknowledge it because it’s helped shape who you are today.

For me, it was very important to recognize that I had no problem being in my masculine…

  • I’ve worked in male-dominated fields + led teams with men older than me
  • And up to that point, most of my mentors were men (or the occasional woman who was considered a bitch for being a strong leader)
  • Even as kid, I was the girl in baggy clothes, playing video games + riding my bike around the Bronx with my guy cousins

This question isn’t about judgement, it’s about self-awareness.

So that you can bring more balance to your business + your life, because this will ripple in every direction – physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually.

The next question to ask yourself is…

What are some creative ways that you can bring more of that other energy into your work?

And how can that go on to help others?

For me, it was bringing in more of the feminine. Here are a few ways I did that…

  • Making self-care part of my job description + scheduling it into my days (using the alarm on my iPhone + also my favorite calendar app, iCal)
  • Honoring natural rhythms + cycles (with my business + my energy – like avoiding product launches in the winter + even planning around the cycles of the moon)
  • Dancing. Often. I take 25-minute dance breaks in the middle of my work day, whenever I feel a dip in my energy. Even a few minutes of dancing to your favorite song can help boost your energy + your creativity. So put on that juicy track with the deep bass line + let those hips move

Being a powerhouse…

Ultimately, this all goes back to sustainability, because when you can master + integrate both of these very powerful energies, you yourself become a powerhouse.

pow·er·house – a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power

And you become a much more powerful + compassionate leader in the process.

I believe that these are the people that are leading us into the new paradigm + creating the shift our world so desperately needs.

Will you be one of them?


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