It’s no secret that the people you surround yourself with have a direct effect on your life + how well you live it.

And sometimes your inner circle needs to decrease in size, so that it can increase in value.

Reflecting on my past, I’ve seen this very thing happen whenever I’m in the middle of leveling up – whether it’s in my business or in my personal life.

As much as it may hurt, some people do not want to see you change.

It brings up all kinds of shit in themselves – jealousy, envy, criticism, judgement, regret.

But most of all, what it brings up in them is fear

Fear that somehow these changes that you’re making will affect the connection you share + fear that you may look at them differently.

That somehow, by you changing, you will suddenly make them not enough.

And so, from that fear-based place, they may do things that are hurtful. It may even seem like they’re sabotaging your efforts to change.

Sometimes they’re conscious of it. Most times, they are not.

Acceptance is the first step here…

Acknowledge that this is the way things are for the moment.

I know that’s hard. But what’s even harder is trying to solve a problem from a place that hasn’t fully confronted what is.

How can you truly heal a wound you refuse to look at?

This does not mean you need to completely cut these people out of your life (although I know sometimes that’s the healthiest option).

It only means that you’re mindful that they don’t need to be in your inner circle right now.

Why? Because there’s so much doubt floating around in your own mind as it is. Especially when you’re stretching into new + better versions of yourself.

What you don’t need are critics, naysayers + people who are creatively blocked adding fuel to your doubts.

Who you want in your inner circle right now are people that…

  1. Want to see you winning
  2. Have the tools + insight to help you get there
  3. Are creatively unblocked themselves

These are not just your cheerleaders + superfans. These are the people you can turn to…

  • when you’re feeling your energy dip
  • when you need to vent
  • when you need that honest + constructive feedback to help you get better

These are the high-quality soul connections that are meant to further you on your path + in the direction of your wildest dreams. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck + unsupported, it may be time to reevaluate your inner circle + start making space to invite more of those high-quality connections in.

Here are a few Q’s you can reflect on to help you get clearer…

What do you need to feel supported?

Who needs to be in your inner circle right now?

Who doesn’t need to be in your inner circle right now?

Your gifts are so needed…

Don’t feel guilty for needing to reset healthy boundaries for yourself + the BIG vision you have for your life.

The Creator has placed this innate need to grow + bloom in you for a reason.

Know that by you saying yes to yourself + laying out these healthy boundaries, you’re not only taking a stand for yourself…

You’re showing everyone around you that more is possible + you’re not afraid to claim it.

Are you ready?


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