Overcoming that fear of rejection when you’re putting your work out into the world…

It’s one of the biggest challenges I see women facing when it comes to showing up more fully + serving their tribe.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel that fear, but there are things you can do to flip it + make it work for you.

Here are 3 creative ways to help you overcome that fear of rejection…

  1. Take small, creative risks. Taking small, safer risks can help you build the resilience + confidence to take those bigger risks down the road. Do this for five days + watch your confidence grow.
  2. Name your fear. Play it out in your mind…what’s the worst-case scenario? What is it you’re really afraid of? And now, flip it…what do you stand to gain by conquering that fear? How is it going to serve you? How is it going to serve the BIG vision you have for your life? How is it going to serve your tribe?
  3. Judge less. Often when we have this fear of rejection within us, it’s because we have deep-seated fears + judgements about who we are, who we think we should be + judgements about others. So the less we judge others, the less we judge ourselves + the less we fear being rejected. This is really about bringing more compassion to the process – for yourself + others.

Ultimately, the biggest mindset shift you want to make is this…

When you find yourself focusing on fear + rejection, flip it…

Choose to focus on connection + contribution instead.

Because that’s really what you’re here to create.

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