Smart habits don’t just happen…because if they did, everyone would have them.

The thing is, if you really want to change your life, then you have to change what you do daily.

That’s why habits are so important, because they shape your life.

From eating well, working out regularly, being consistently productive in my business, to a daily mindfulness practice that I’ve stuck to for over three and a half years – I’ve cracked the code to making smart habits stick.

And I’m sharing the goods with you. Because having smart habits – habits that feed your productivity, your focus + your soul – will help you create your life from a conscious + intentional space.

And you know you want that.

So, here are the 5 steps to making your new, smart habits stick…

  1. Start small + make it easy for yourself. Let’s say your new habit is to exercise, or meditate daily. Start out small with a 5-minute routine. You can build on it later as you go. The goal right now is to get you started + get the momentum going. Make it easy.
  2. Do it after something you already do – daily. Like after you wash up in the morning, after you get dressed, after your breakfast smoothie. Use something you already do daily as a mental trigger for your new habit.
  3. Celebrate your victories, even the tiny ones. Celebrate your wins + what you do get done daily. Because ending off on a high note makes it more likely that you’ll stick to it + do it consistently. This is an important step, don’t skip it.
  4. Get an accountability partner, because smart people have accountability partners. A mentor, a coach, or a fellow bad ass lady boss who gets the mission you’re on – someone you trust who will help you stay focused + on track. Having accountability increases your chances of achieving your goals. Give yourself every chance to succeed.
  5. Remember why you started + tie it in to how it will benefit others – your family, your clients + your tribe. That’s one of the keys to staying focused, consistent + on your game. For example, let’s say your new habit is to be more productive in your business. Being more productive means you’re going to show up more fully for your clients + your tribe. It means you’ll be able to make a bigger + more powerful impact, faster. And it means that you’ll be increasing your cash flow, so that you can take good care of yourself, and provide stability + security for you + your family.

So now you have the 5 steps to making your new, smart habits stick.

But don’t just take my word for it. You have to put these into practice to get results.

Because as the wise Maya Angelou put it > Nothing will work unless you do.

Now go out there + make your mark.


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