Don’t let the smile fool you. The soreness I feel in my legs in this photo is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

If you’re like me, you’re always growing + evolving in some way.

My latest physical challenge here? Barefoot beach sprints.

The sand at my feet, the sun on my back, the ocean view while I run at full speed.

Have you ever run on sand? It’s a lot tougher than running on concrete.

I’m halfway through my last set. I can see my mark, I just have to keep moving.

But then, that voice pops into my head…

Just quit, she says. Stop right here. You don’t have to do this.

Just stop. Lay down on the sand + chill, like everyone else.

You know the voice.

Everyone hears that voice. From CEOs to pro athletes, and high achievers in general.

Any time you’re going after a goal or stretching beyond what you know, there will be a voice that tells you that you should quit.

Plan for it.

Whether it’s doubt, or it’s telling you that you’re not good enough, you’re not going to make it, whatever it says to you…plan for it.

When it starts talking, you don’t resist. Instead you fully acknowledge it.

Why? Because in doing so, you’re acknowledging that this is part of the game.

This is part of what happens when you push yourself to reach new limits, new heights + anytime you want to achieve a goal.

So I’m halfway through that last set. Hearing this voice in my head while I move through my stride.

Right leg, left leg, right, left. Breathe…

Instead of quitting on your goal, visualize yourself reaching your goal.

I see my mark, and I visualize myself passing it + running right through it.

I imagine…

what it’s going to look like…

how it’s going to feel…

the emotion in my body…

I see myself catching my breath, cooling down + feeling like yes, I did it, I conquered!

That moment of visualization – of feeling, of sensing, of imagining yourself achieving your goal – is a game-changer.

This is the same mindset tool that pro athletes + high achievers use because it works.

And it’s what helped me finish out that last set like a pro.

So the next time you feel like quitting – on your goals, on your dreams, on anything you really want – visualize yourself hitting your mark.

What will it feel like?

What will it look like?

Feel it, taste it, imagine it…

What are you doing just after you reach your goal?

Are you celebrating?

Are you drinking water?

Are you doing a yay dance in your living room?

Whatever goal you have, this applies. Visualize yourself reaching your goal.

And lastly, remember, this isn’t something you’ve got to do.

This is something you get to do.

Now go out there + make your mark.


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