What’s the scariest thing you’ve done in the past week to help move your business forward?

For me, it was co-hosting a live video event with three other soulpreneurs + giving a short 10-minute talk about my work.

The second scariest thing I’ve done in the past week?

Watch that ‘live’ video + gently critique my performance, so that I can keep getting better.

It’s no secret that public speaking can bring up a lot of fears.

I felt them all.

Putting yourself out there is part of the deal as an entrepreneur. That fact doesn’t make it any less scary.

So below, I’m sharing six tips I’ve picked up to help you look more confident during your next big talk, or any kind of presentation where you need to bring your A-game…

6 Ways to Look More Confident During Your Next Big Talk

  1. Don’t fidget. Believe it or not, this can take practice. Most people aren’t aware of their mannerisms or how much they fidget until they see themselves camera. Do a test run + see if this is something you might need to work on. The more you practice being present + intentional, the easier this becomes.
  2. Decide what you’ll do with your hands before you jump on stage or on camera. If you’re sitting for your talk, you can hold your hands in a relaxed pyramid pose to help exude more confidence. If you’re standing, see tip 3…
  3. When you’re speaking, keep your hand gestures within what’s known as the ‘Clinton’ box. This means that you don’t make big wide hand gestures, but instead you keep them within an imaginary box that spans from shoulder to shoulder. Keeping your hand gestures within this imaginary box can help to build trust in the eyes of your audience.
  4. Breathe. Breathing through your nose + into your diaphragm helps to keep your nervous system relaxed. As opposed to taking short, shallow breaths which can leave you feeling even more nervous. Remind yourself to breathe, baby, breathe.
  5. Have a solid intro + practice it at least three times. Starting off with a solid intro can help ease your nerves + creates a strong first impression with your audience. Doing that can also make them a little more forgiving if you make a mistake later in your presentation. Practice your intro until you can say it with your eyes closed + it feels good.
  6. And lastly, start off with something fun, funny, or unexpected. For this live video event, I simply started with “I love that we all get to jump on here, connect + plant the seeds for our conference in November, and beyond.” It immediately brought a smile to people’s faces. And from there, you can roll right into your intro (see tip 5).

Grace favors the prepared.

Those who prepare mentally, emotionally, physically + energetically.

All that prep work is worth it, because it’ll put you in the position to show up as your best self.

And isn’t that what we’re here for?

So there you have it, 6 ways to look more confident during your next big talk or presentation.

Which of these is your favorite? Or, do you have a tip you love for looking more confident on camera or on stage?

Say hello on Instagram + let me know.

Until then, I hope you find these helpful in not only making you look more confident, but feel more confident in your ability to show up as your best on camera, on stage + in life.

Now go out there + make your mark.