Imagine planning a launch for two months + then having a mandatory evacuation issued in your area on the same damn day…

Haha, very funny universe.

People wonder how I stay so positive when shit is hitting the fan.

The answer might surprise you.

It’s because I’ve learned to anticipate everything that can go wrong, every challenge that might pop up along the way + plan for it.

Meaning, even for this whole evacuation (for Hurricane Irma), I sat down + plotted all the shit I thought could go wrong as we drove out of Florida.

And I visualized how I would handle it.

For example, I worried about running out of gas or getting stuck on the road somewhere a brown person does not want to be (because unfortunately we still have to think about that with some of these southern states). I visualized that + how I could deal with it.

And that was what prompted me to buy a AAA membership before we left, in case we needed roadside assistance anywhere.

(As it turns out, we did end up using our AAA membership to get the car serviced in a place we could trust up in North Carolina, before we drove back home.)

I even anticipated what would happen if I couldn’t launch on my scheduled date + I set up a contingency plan for that, just in case.

So there you have it, that’s my paradox of positivity.

I’m sure it’s not what you expected to hear, but it’s the real.

Now, you don’t need to spend the whole day worrying…put a 15-minute cap on it, at most + then move on with your day.

Anticipate how you might succeed or fail + how you’ll handle yourself in either situation is key.

That + taking action.

Don’t just visualize + do nothing.

Put yourself in the best position to win.

This is what leaders do.

And now I turn it over to you…

What’s your key to positivity?


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