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Imagine a world where heart-centered, soul-driven women are leading in business + in life…

That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

Hi, I’m Vanessa Velez – Bronx kid turned corporate maven turned conscious entrepreneur + the Founder of Clarity is Crucial.

Before taking the entrepreneurial leap, I led a lucrative career as a leader, trainer + professional problem-solver at a Fortune 500…

A path that would be forever altered the day I resigned + dove all in to my purpose.

We’re a conscious business + lifestyle consultancy for women who crave freedom, value making an impact + want to have fun doing it.

Today, I get to help conscious women entrepreneurs create the clarity + confidence to stand out as the unique leaders they’re meant to be…

By working with them 1-on-1, and providing the tools + training they need along their journey.


Because when you give a brilliant woman the personal attention, support + feedback to overcome her biggest challenges, she becomes unstoppable.

And that means more conscious women out there – sharing their gifts, making an impact + making an income.

Here’s what women who work with me say…

“If you’re truly ready to move forward with a project, Vanessa needs to be your first team pick…”

My biggest fear was committing to work with you. To say to myself I have a dream and I think it’s possible and I need a coach.

Working with you showed me the many blocks standing in my way, but also that I wasn’t as far off as I imagined. You were my compass and my check point.

If you’re truly ready to move forward with a project Vanessa needs to be your first team pick, otherwise you’ll get lost.

Angela Blair, Virginia, USA

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her and doing the program…”

When I first came to work with Vanessa, I was in a very dark place. I had counseling and therapy over the years but was still unhappy and couldn’t get over my past mistakes…

At the start of the program I couldn’t answer the question of what did I want to get out of it. I was such a wreck, crying and dark thoughts. I couldn’t form a sentence.

After a week, of the daily tasks, audio mp3’s, meditations, I managed to say accepting myself was the goal. And as the weeks went with Vanessa’s support and coaching, after the 28 days I was a different person. I wanted to live!

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her and doing the program. I continued having sessions after. I am still working on accepting myself. She gives me support and works at me getting the best out of myself.

Alison Wall, Middlesex, UK

“I had such a positive result with my, as I nicknamed her Sensei Vanessa…”

I view my life, overall so differently. I have the ability to handle challenging situations in a more clear and concise manner. The everyday signs that I used to miss, that I notice now. Whether in the form of numbers or just statements people make.

My self-confidence is greater than a few years ago and the proof is in me opening up my own shoe business, Vivi’s.

I highly recommend everyone go through the program, it really is an “eye-opening” experience.

Vivian Saavedra, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Fun Facts About Me…

I was born + raised in the Bronx (NYC baby!) on a steady diet of art, hip hop + stand-up comedy. I’m now based in Miami + living that beach life while I still can (because climate change is real).

My great-grandmother was a shaman…and my other great-grandmother was a madam who led a brothel. I believe that healing our sexual + spiritual wounds is necessary on the path to wholeness.

I’m a plant-based foodie + can be bribed with avocados anytime.

Ready for big truths, breakthroughs + some laughs along the way?


…jump on a private 30-minute video chat with Vanessa

…get a clearer understanding of what’s really holding you back

…and the next steps you can take to conquer that