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Magic makers, risk-takers + game changers…

Without offerings, there is no business.

And that means, you’ve got to…

  • come up with a great name for your package or program

  • structure your offering so it flows effectively

  • and be able to talk about it with clarity + confidence

What would be possible if you had the support in place to help you birth that idea out of your notebook + into the world?

A creative experience…

Step 1:  Setting You Up to Succeed Before We Meet…

The 7 E’s to Creating Exceptional Offerings

Step 2:  During Our Time Together…

Craft an Exceptional Name + Structure the Flow of Your Offering

Step 3:  Supporting You After We Meet…

Weekly Action + Accountability Check-ins

How It Works

When you sign up, you get…

The 7 E’s to Creating Exceptional Offerings

We get your creative juices flowing before we meet with access to The 7 E’s to Creating Exceptional Offerings.

It’ll take you about 30 minutes total to watch the video + do the exercises before we meet. You’ll receive access to it 3 days before our workshop date, so it’s all fresh in your mind when we get together.

You can easily access all of the materials from any of your devices.

Clarity + Badassery VIP Workshop

In this private 1-on-1 workshop, we fuse our creative magic together to help you Craft an Exceptional Name + Structure the Flow of Your Offering.

Your Clarity + Badassery VIP Workshop is 3 hours (we take 2 short breaks to help keep you fresh + focused).

We meet online via private video chat using Zoom, the most reliable video conferencing software there is. It’s easy to access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone + free for you to use.

Weekly Action + Accountability Check-ins

To help you stay focused + on track after we meet, you also get Weekly Action + Accountability Check-ins for 2 weeks.

We connect via email or private video message (whichever works best for you) for about 10-15 minutes.

We take a quick look at where you’ve taken action, what challenges have popped up for you + how you can overcome them. (That’s 2 weeks of additional connection + support!)

An Extra Bonus…

You also get access to our private VIP Resources Page, where you’ll find an ever-evolving list of resources + recommendations to help you create a business you love.

It’s taken years of experience + some expensive mistakes to put this list together. In other words, I’ve spent the time + money to figure out who you can trust (and who you shouldn’t).

This is the list I wish I had when I first started out.

Are you ready?

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How much is all this juiciness?

This creative experience is currently priced at $497 + includes…

One private 3-hour Clarity + Badassery VIP Workshop with Vanessa

The 7 E’s to Creating Exceptional Offerings

2 Weekly Action + Accountability Check-ins

Bonus access to the private VIP Resources Page

The love + guidance from a conscious woman who gets the journey you’re on

My Guarantee

My guarantee to you is this…you show up fully + do the work, and I promise you’ll walk away with the tools to create not just your first paid offering, but every offering you create in the weeks, months + years to come.

It’s that simple.

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What if it doesn’t work?

Here’s the thing, most entrepreneurs + small businesses never make it passed this phase…the development phase (aka the early struggle + soul-searching phase).

My goal is to get you out of that phase as soon as possible, so that you can start sharing your offering, testing it out in the marketplace, letting it get better + evolve as you go.

If you’re done overthinking + ready to take real action, then this is for you. You’ll leave with the tools to structure your first paid offering, or refine + revamp an offering you already have.

Can you guarantee it’ll make money?

Internet laws don’t allow me to make that claim (although you’ll notice many entrepreneurs make those promises of 6 + 7-figures anyway).

What I can tell you is that there are 2 basic steps to making money – creating an opportunity to work with you + getting it in front of your right clients.

Once you’ve got a solid offering, sharing it becomes a whole lot easier to do. How well you promote it, how you market it, how often you share it + how much you’re looking to earn with it – that’s all up to you.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, there is no money-back guarantee for time we spend together in the workshop + working together after. What I can guarantee is that you’ll have much more clarity + ease when it comes to creating your first paid package or program + every offering you create from here on out.

You’ll also have access to me for 2 weeks after we meet, where you can get answers to any of your follow-up questions + more support in creating your offering.

I’m here to help you unleash your magic on the world. That means I’m going to be the hand that helps you stretch out of your comfort zone + into your zone of genius.

What if I don’t have any idea what I want to offer yet?

Great question, this workshop is specifically for you if you’re ready to take your idea + shape it into an offering. If you don’t have an idea yet, then I recommend scheduling a 90-minute Clarity + Strategy Session with me first to help you flesh out your idea.

Is this right for me?

This is for my magic makers, risk-takers + game changers…

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with conscious women from San Diego to Sweden – coaches, healers + creatives – all with a deep desire to make an impact + an income doing work they love + believe in.

This is different because of the holistic approach + unique experience I bring to the table…

This entire experience is designed to help bring out your truth, not create it. Because your truth, your purpose, your reason for being doesn’t exist outside of you. It’s already a part of who you are.

I’m here to help you get clear + bring it out into the world.

Still on the fence? Book a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Consultation here + together we’ll determine if this truly is right for you. No risk + no strings.

Are you ready for more?

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Contact Info

If you have any trouble signing up, or if you have other questions/concerns, please email hello (at) clarityiscrucial (dot) com.